Alex's and Sophie's 10 Amazing Facts About China!


1. Chinese people belive that goldfish are baby dragons, and that if you treat your goldfish badly then when it died, the dragon would come back and haunt you. While if you treated it well the dragon would protect you and give you good luck.







2. Some people put Lion statues outside of important buildings as guards. There is a girl lion and a boy lion. The boy lion has a ball under his paw, and the girl lion has a cub under her paw.











3. One of the best loved hobbies in China called "small games" is keeping pets. People don't usually have cat's or dogs, which are expensive to feed. Chinese people usually keep pidgeons, song birds, goldfish, and crickets.

4. In China, since the population is big, families are encouraged only to have one child.The families that have one child are rewarded and have much more privileges, but the more children you have, the less privileged you are.

5. In China the colors red and gold mean happiness and good fortune.








6. The first fireworks were invented by the Chinese. They were Bamboo sticks with gunpowder in the middle.

7. People in China have things like stamps called chops to sign their names. They dip the chop in ink and press in down on paper to sign their name.

8. There are over 1 billion people living in China today. Thats over 1/6th of the world's population! 300 million people live in cities.

9. Many Chinese people in cities have a Chinese name and an English name.

10. The demand for Western goods is growing, and many businesses sunch as McDonalds and Starbucks are opening their doors in China.