Zoot's Story


Zoot is a bean bag and he's an owl. Zoot's color is red and he has flowers on him and also a beak. Zoot came from Kyoto in Japan.




This is Zoot's story:

Japan is small. I don't really see any big crossroads. I went to a place with samurais with Alex. He got his picture with a samurai. Also there was Superhero Land. There were Power Rangers there - Ninja Storm, Wild Force and Time Force. Alex plays with me often. Alex told me about seeing Pokemon in Japanese. We went to a temple. It was kind of small. Alex has a lucky coin. Alex has a golden toy samurai sword and I have silver one. Alex went on a train to Hiroshima and it took him all day. I protected the room while he was gone. In Japan Alex eats mostly rice.

That's enough.