La Serena & Las Campanas Trip



The Las Campanas Observatories - operated by the Carnegie Institute of Washington. Thanks to Wendy Freedman and Miguel Roth of Carnegie for arranging the visit.






Emelio Cerda, our host,in front of the twin 6.5 meter telescopes.








The Clay 6.5 meter telescope.














As the sun sets, the observatory doors open.




Paul Butler of Carnegie graciously described his research on the search for extra-solar planets using the Clay telescope. Paul and his team have discovered dozens of planets outside our solar system.





Above the El Tofo mine. Bethlehem Steel operated the world's largest iron mine here from 1914 to 1954. Mining operations are still underway by a Chilean company, apparently for construction fill.








Reservoir that supplied El Tofo mine housing.








Ridge above El Tofo mine overlooks Pacific Ocean below.





This is Mike, a lizard that James pointed out and that Sophie couldnt take her eyes off of.







The town of Lambert, Chile, north of La Serena.