Hong Kong Sojourn

(Captions by Valerie)


This is our friend York Liao, he went with us for a hike up a hill.

Of course I was ahead of everybody!










There is the harbor where they farm fish. Oh, and my family too.







Here are my siblings and me in Hong Kong.








This is a tramway to the other side of the park, Ocean Park.









This is my brother, Alex, with a real panda in the background!






Here is a mall we went to, my stomach hurt alot because we went to Pizza Hut and I'm still not used to good food because of India. (or maybe it was just the garlic spaghetti.)








Now here is Dad's friend Paul! He took us to Victoria Peak, but it was foggy.









Foggy Hong Kong. At least it reminded me of home.








This looks a bit too pixelish but here I am!







Here is James, Sophie, me, Paul, Lucas (his son that is a really good baby and is cute), Peggy (Paul's wife), Mom, and Alex (also Buster the Cheetah and Miko the Panda.)








Lucas explores tofu.









Lucas eats tofu.