Sophie's Australia Journal Page!!!


Wednesday, April 28th,

Our first week here was great! I have been to Aussie-Land before, and we had a good time then too! So, this week, we have been to the Sydney Aquarium, the Botanical Gardens (with wild cokatoos!), We had our parents' friend Cheryl over, took multiple ferry rides, and my dad, my mom, my brother, and Cheryl went to an "Aussie rules" football game. I had to baby sit Valerie and Alex. I passed up going to a cool football game to watch multiple episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh with my younger siblings (why?). In fact we all rotted our brains out with Yu-gi-oh; there was a 3 day long marathon. Now I have "THIS ENDS NOW!" stuck in my head. Going to the Aquarium was really cool! We saw all kinds of things! Sharks, seals, fish, scary fish, freaky miss-shapen sharks, crocodiles, and more. The Botanical Gardens were fun too. There were cokatoos everywhere! I tried to feed some berries (I saw what kind they were eating) to one, but Valerie and Alex got too close and it freaked the bird out. So it flew away. I can't think of anything else to say! But I am having a great time!


Tuesday, May 4th,

I just recently got back from a trip to Cairns, and it was really fun! We went to the Great Barrier Reef, a zoo, and we went to Kuranda. Kuranda was cool, I've been there before. But since we didn't have very much time, we only saw a bird aviary and a butterfly sanctuary. The aviary was great though. It had all kinds of parrots. One liked my Dad, he flew onto Dad's camera and then onto Dad's back. Dad didn't like that, he doesn't like parrots very much in general. Valerie was trying to get a blue parrot onto her finger but it flew away. A couple minutes later it randomly just flew onto James' shoulder. There was a "Ring-necked" parrot there that liked me a lot. He flew up to me and said "Ima' good boy" and then flew onto my shoulder. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and pet my arm with his beak. We have pictures you can see. When we went snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef I got stung by a jellyfish for the second time in my life. Alex also spilt a FULL mug of TEA, ALL over me that morning. So I was having bad luck that day. When my mom and dad went snorkeling my dad hit a coral with his knee on accident, and now he has cut all over his knee because it stung him. The boat ride back from the reef was really tough because the boat was rocking REALLY hard! The last day in Cairns we spent at the Zoo. We saw a crocodile show, a free flight bird show, and a snake show. I was going to take a picture with a python, but the pictures with pythons were around 1:00, which was when we had to leave for our plane trip back. Valerie and Alex got pictures with Koalas. After we left the zoo, we still had a bit more time till the shuttle came, so we went to an Opal shop. The opals were pretty! They had all kinds of colors to them! Valerie got some opal earings, and I got an opal necklace. The opal in my necklace is white, but at different angles you can also se different coloers like blue, green, orange, yellow, and a bit of purple! Cairns is a really fun place to visit! If you ever have the chance, I recomend a visit there! Tish just got here yesterday. She's staying until Sunday. I don't think very much else is happening .