Sophie's Journal for India!


Sunday March 14th

Right now we are on a POW train, nooo not Prisoner of War, PALACE ON WHEELS!!! This is a great train. The service is very friendly and the food is good! The first day on the train we went on an elephant ride. The elephant smelled bad, but it was fun! The second day we didn't do anything, we did school. Right now I am reading King Solomon's Mines. It's very cool. Earlier on in the book, someone got torn in two by an elephant. I recommend the book. Today, the third day, we got up early and went to a tiger park. We acctualy didn't see any tigers (probably because the car was WAY to loud). We did however, see Deer, Pigs, Monkeys and Peacocks. Later on today my brother will babysit me and my siblings (he says he'll acctualy sit on us) while my parents will check out a fort. That's all for now!


FRIDAY (TGIF!) March 19th

There is a bunch of stuff I need to say. Like I forgot to mention about a music video we saw when we first got to India. It was scary. There was a fat guy who looked like a kid, and wasn't the slightest bit attractive either. He was singing, and the chorus sounded like "Aye-day-ee, Aye-day-ee" and he was in a car and falling asleep ("Aye-day-ee, Aye-day-ee") and all of a sudden he wakes up so spastically and again he's like "Aye-day-ee, Aye-day-ee" and me, James, and Vee were laughing the whole time. Unfortunately the video didn't come on again later. The train, as I mentioned last time was great, but all good things come to an end I guess... I got sick at the end, so it basically ended even sooner because I couldn't go anywhere. It was on the day of the Taj Mahal that I got sick too. I did go with the group, I saw how beautiful it was, but I didn't really get a close look. I had a really bad stomach ache. Now my dad is sick with it. I am almost 100% better though. We are spending the next, what is it? 10? 11? we'll say 11 days in a veeeeeeeeery cool hotel. It's very well kept and pretty. Relaxing too. The hotel is in Bangalore, instead of in Dehli. Bangalore, (in my opinion) is way cooler than Dehli. We really aren't going anywhere in Bangalore, we're just catching up on school work. (I'm still reading King Solomon's Mines.) Well, talk to you later. Buh-bye! Oh yeah I forgot, you know how my sister lost her camera in Santiago, well... My mom lost it AGAIN! except now it's OFFICIALLY gone. We'll try to buy a new one today.

Monday March 22nd

These past few days were cool. Me, dad, mom and vee, went dress shopping. My dad obviously went to keep us company, he didn't want a dress. At least I hope not. We also went to an Italian restaurant(I don't like italian but apparently it was good. I only had pasta), and met a nice man named Arjun, who owned the restaurant. He was making a movie out of a Sherlock Holmes book. He said he wanted it to premier in LA and he wanted to start filming next March. Unfortunately, there was no part in the movie for a 12-year-old girl (wink, wink). He wanted either Joseph Fiennes, Daniel Day-Lewis, or Hugh Jackman to play the part of Sherlock Holmes. We have to see if it comes to theatres, even if I am just someone on the street in the movie who goes "AAAAAAAH! GODZILA!!" or something like that. Just kidding. It would be cool if it was successful.

Thank God it's Friday, literally! March 26th

Today we are finally going to Hong Kong! Woo hoo! We get to eat good food! Bangalore has been fun. I like going to all the temples. We went to a department store and it has a statue of Shiva behind it. Shiva is one of the 3 main Hindu gods. There is Bhrama (the Creator), Vishnu (The Preserver) and SHIVA (the Destroyer). They are basically Birth Life and Death. Shiva sounds the coolest though. He IS the coolest. Soooooooo, these past four days........ We went to many temples. It's funny that you ALWAYS see Vishnu temples. You pass by a couple of Shiva temples; but you NEVER see Bhrama temples! I can't wait to go to Japan! The three main places I am looking forward to on this trip are
JAPAN! AUSRALIA! AND EUROPE! In Japan I have Mari visiting. In Australia I have our babbysitter Tish coming. And in Europe we HOPE we have Emily coming. I still wish I could take ALL my friends with me on this trip. My pets too.