There are many things about India and I thought that we better get that down before we talk about anything else.



Steet Venders are the shops that go to you! They annoy you so much you just have to buy what they are offering! If you ignore them they will bother you untill you react. If you only say no they will follow you untill there is someone else to be bothered. So the safe way out is to make a loud NO! and make a mean face! Now you know that if you are in India do not go in a big mob of Venders! I have to seperate my mom from them. James came up with the idea of saying "no comprende"! ("I dont under stand" in Spanish)



Bird, Peacock!

Animal, Tiger!

Flag, Orange (for hindus), and Green (for muslum), White (for anybody else).

Traffic is a problem here. It is just too dirty! At least lots of things use it like: Cars, trucks, motorcycle , busses, tuk'tuks, people, cows, dogs, pigs and bicycles! Once I saw someone who hit a rock on his motorcycle, fell, and almost got ran over.



Cows are holy to Indians. They walk all around India. One Here, Two there, A calf over there, almost every where you see cows! They are alot different from our cows: They have a variety of colors, (ours are spotted) Their's are everywhere, (ours in farms) Their cows are smaller, (ours larger) their's are not butcherd, (ours are) Their's are cattle (ours are cows). That is also why my brother is cranky! He can't have good steak!


Did you know...

Pakistan used to be a part of India!

Few facts aboat Gandhi:

(Gandhi ,or Gandhiji to show respect, peacefully protested to get back India from the British! He also helped with the freedom of South Africa. Gandhi believed that you should only have few possessions.)