Hello every body!

Sorry the other one I did was very poorly written,(same with some others)I think I am back on track now so I will do what I did in Chile. (ever since India I was a bit tired of school, sorry) Now I am ready to explain what I did!


I did not do much in China but I learned a lot of things like how nice the Chinese were and lots of other things. So let's go on to the week of traveling.


What we did to get to the Trans Siberia was to do lots of traveling... First we went to Beijingfor some time to go to the Great Wall of China. I wanted to walk on the wall every since kindergarten! (my little brother is in kindergarten and he is doing it. ) So me, Alex, and my parents walked as far as we could on the re-built part of the wall. You can see that on the first picture it was a long way and at the end about 400 steps to get to the end. (Of course I had to be up first and down first). While I was running to get back Japanese tourists stopped me to take a photo of me. Also my sister, brothers, and I flew a kite the first day we got to Beijing because it was really windy! We bought a kite (bird kite) and it was so windy it was hard to make it not fly from our hands. There were mistakes on how to work it at first so it started swooping down on everything! (like James' head for example) It was fun for all of us to dodge it and make sure it did not hit anybody. Sooner or later lots of people were watching us try to fly a kite! We took turns and I with my mom's help learned how to work it. When it goes to the left move it to the right, when it goes to the right move it to the left, when it was really high loosen the string, and when it is low near the ground (which happened alot) put tension on the string and step backwards. While I was flying it well with no swoops on people a big shark kite came which made the kite swoop until it was near the ground and almost hit my brother James!^u^. After awhile the wind stopped so I stepped back and being careless I was not looking at the kite so it crashed. (It was fun to watch the kite crash into my brother!) My turn was finally over.




Next we went to Mongolia for one day so we could go to lake Baikal in Russia the next day.



Here we are in Irkutsk right near the largest fresh water lake in the world in a nice hotel for three days until we go to the Trans Siberia train.



In Irkutsk we got a tour of wooden houses from 100 years ago.








This is a bug that we kept on seeing here, we call these bugs friendly bugs. (We found one in my sister's shoe sleeping)







These are the lovely rooms that we slept in for three days. The bathrooms are heated which is really cool.






Here is the wonderful, pretty view of a town near Irkutsk.










We took a boat cruise in Baikal and saw the many views of mountains around Irkutsk.





After three days we took the Trans Siberia for three days and got to Moscow.

It was not much to be in a train for three days.



I can't discribe Moscow well so I will use pictures instead.





This is at a dinner I was reading a Russin Faerie tales book.





This is the ballet theater that we passed

by many times while walking places.









This is a close-up of the pretty fountian

near the theater.







At the Kremlin was a huge cannon. So my mom wanted to take a picture. (if you look at me in the pictures it seems like I have a huge nose) No one has ever used it and I can see why.









This is at the Kremlin (you can see some chuches in the picture)







Near this convent, where Nuns stayed, there was a playground. This playground had the things that you hold on to a rope and climb up and other things that are dangerous for little kids. We were having fun until some PERSON said "You are to old for this, my little girl was waiting for you to finish with it." I got really mad and wanted to defend myself but then knew my mom would not like me talking back.




Here is the red square filled with Soilders.







More of the red sqare.









This is St. Basil's Cathedral or, as I called it, Clown School.








More to Come...