Hello, I have arrived at Shanghai, China. There are very interesting facts about China.

For instance, a simple one is that Chinese can only have one child. Another, the money here (Yuan) has the same symbol of Yen (a Y). For Yuan you have to divide by eight to get it to dollar bills (eight yuan is a dollar). (See 10 amazing facts about China for more)
Our family, first, went down Nanjing road to the Huangpu river and saw the Pearl Tower (We call it the ruby laser). While we were at the river, people thought it was interesting of our family to have four children and on the road we were getting a lot of attention. The road was 3 miles! Next our family actually went to the Pearl Tower (ruby laser). We took a cab there. By the ruby laser there was an aquarium that we went to. I open my mouth at aquariums because big fish and eels open their mouth right back! And I see their teeth! But I offended an electric eel and there was a monitor that said how much electricity was in the water and it was a lot! So it started to BEEP! Also it also had the world's longest shark walk. Afterwards the family went to a cruise down the Huangpu River. I did not do much because I could not see anything. Then we went to a Bazaar near the Yu Yuan temple. I got earrings and chops there, And there was a tree with paper golden leaves that if you threw a red ribbon with a heavy coin at the end what the ribbon said would come true (at least I think).

They have star ratings on them, which is fun to see what you get.
Last night there was a HUGE thunderstorm. From cloud to cloud.
I lost my pre-molar last night too!
-Sorry it is not much (don't have much to say)