Occasional Musings on our Journey

Ed at the Start:

Mid-life Crisis at 35,000 Feet

CP Chile:

Old Stones and Cell Phones

In, Out, and About in Providencia

Ed Chile:

Chilean First Impressions

Volcanos, Chiropractors, and the "Gentleman"

A Cautionary Tale

CP South Africa:

Cargo Gone Awry

Ed South Africa:

Crossing the Rubicon

Beasts and Beauties of Cape Town

Pray for Africa

Ed India

A Passage Through India

Thank You, Tom Friedman!

The Proceedings of the First Lambert Family Conference
on Extraordinary Measures

CP Japan

A Day Out in Japan

Ed Japan

Good Fortune in Kyoto

The Kyoto Diet

Random Topics in Japan

Bear Sightings in Takayama

Ed Australia

Worship In Yarrabah

Remember This for Memorial Day

Migratory Habits of the Male Marsupial in Western Australia:
an Historical Perspective and Analysis of Recent Trends

Ed China

I Love Hong Kong!

You Say You Want a Revolution?

On the Wall


Ed Russia

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

A Legacy

Scars Run Deep